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Powersoft are a Sage Partner and Authorised Developer, we have been developing and supporting Sage Accounts systems in Sage 50, Sage Line 100 and Sage 200 for over 20 years. 

Sage Partner Authorised Developer

About Powersoft and Sage

We are an independent software house who specialises in helping support their customer's Sage Customised applications. We have over 30 years of business and software experience and our consultants are able to understand your needs quickly and suggest cost effective solutions.

We provide a tailored service that meets your needs completely. With our bespoke development we can customise your Sage system to deliver all your business requirements and then support the application into the future. Whatever your business problem we will apply our expertise to design a solution that keeps your business productive and efficient. We will approach projects of all sizes, from customised reporting to a fully integrated sales and business work flow system. Our consultants will listen to your requirements and get an understanding of your business before we will suggest a suitable solution. 

  • Need a more flexible Quote and Sales Order system?
  • Does your business require a more complex price matrix?
  • Sage 50 not quite giving you what you want?

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Looking for Sage 50 Add-ons?

Why not have one developed specifically for you?

We are approved Sage developers and are able to develop bespoke software to meet your needs. If you have a business need we can tailor an add-on specifically to meet your requirements.

Cost effective solutions

Using our vast source library we can customise a solution to your exact needs. Using our source library enables us to deliver cost effective systems quickly. Rather than try and fit your business round an off the shelf solution get a solution that fits round your business. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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Bespoke reports that give key business information. We can develop complex business reporting requirements that deliver efficiencies and benefit your business. Tell us what you need and we will prepare a personalised proposal to deliver your requirements.

Bespoke Add-on

If you need an add-on to Sage to improve your business, we can design and develop a bespoke add-on that will meet your need completely. Tell us what the business problem is and we will prepare a customised proposal for a solution that will meet your need exactly.

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Customer Case Studies

Below are just a few of the customer's that we have helped by customising their Sage systems.

Harveys Brewery

harveys brewery
Sage 200 Customisation

The Harvey's system had been running happily on Sage Line 100 for 20 years and in 2012 it was decided that it was time to move to Sage 200 in order to improve business efficiency and provide a foundation to support the business in the years to come. Because the Sales Order Processing system is absolutely mission critical to the business it was absolutely imperative that the new system went in without any business interruption. The outgoing system had interfaces to several external systems including a PDA based warehousing and Delivery system, and an Oracle database that supplied the core of the companies MIS Reporting requirements. These all needed to be replicated in Sage 200 and then gradually superseded.

Powersoft's Solution

We took Sage 200 and heavily modified it to meet he business needs and deliver the maximum productivity from the sales team. 

Additional details were recorded against the stock items to allow for the dutiable volume and the ABV Percentage. These additional details are then utilised in the SOP to generate the duty tracking on sales. Bottle and Case items are automatically added to the invoices to track these charges. 

We developed four key new modules to support the business at Harveys. These were:

  1. Sales Order Processing
  2. BACS Processing
  3. Document Imaging
  4. Purchase Invoice Processing

With our on going support for both the Sage applications and the networking infrastructure we delivered the complete solution for outsourcing their I.T.

Sian Trading

sian trading
Sage 50 Customisation

Sian Trading use Sage 50 extensively to drive their Sales Order process. They needed a system that would improve the productivity of their trading and bring consistency of approach.

They commissioned Powersoft to develop a bespoke front end to Sage 50 that would import their sales order details from the Master spreadsheet. This then created both the Sales Order and the relevant Purchase Orders to fulfill the trade. The documentation is produced saving time and effort using the Sage facilities.

Powersoft's Solution

We developed a bespoke solution that was fully integrated into Sage 50. This created all the Sales Orders and Purchase Orders details in the Sage 50 system. Using the Sage 50 system as the repository for all data meant that if users changed data in Sage or our application then the two systems would reflect that change.

The documentation outputs where created automatically for the entire trade and saved as PDF files on the network.

Tayside Diesel

Tayside Diesel
Sage 50 Customisation

TDE used Sage Line 100 with a bespoke SOP Job processing system and needed to move away from the obsolete platform to Sage 50 with a new SOP, POP and Job processing system.

They commissioned Powersoft to develop a bespoke front end to Sage 50 that would manage their Sales Jobs, generate Purchase Orders to satisfy the stock requirements and manage the whole sales process work flow. 

Powersoft's Solution

We developed a bespoke application that was fully integrated into Sage 50. This created all the Sales Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders. The Sage 50 system was updated with Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, Stock Received and Despatched. 

We managed all the Sales Job work flow from quotes to final invoice in our system. We also migrated all their data from Sage Line 100 into Sage 50 and supplied the complete accounting solution. 

The documentation outputs where created automatically and saved as PDF files that were then stored in their existing document imaging system. 

On-Going Support

TDE are using our on-going support which means they will get the free upgrades to their solution when Sage issue new version of the Accounts software.

We are also acting at frontline support for Sage 50 and our solution dealing with all queries in the operation of the systems and "how do I?" type questions.

Guernsey Freight

Guernsey Freight
Sage 50 Customisation

Guernsey Freight receive electronic invoices from DHL and would like to use these to generate their corresponding Sales Invoices with the agree mark-up. 

The system would need to import the DHL invoice file and validate the data and match the S/L account. 

Then it would calculate the sell value for each transaction and finally generate the invoices. These invoices would be prepared as PDF and emailed to the customers and the invoices generated in Sage 50 accounts.

Powersoft's Solution

We developed a solution that ran outside of Sage the read the purchase invoice file and generated the invoices using a percentage uplift. The invoices were presented for approval and then updated into Sage, at the same time emailing them to the customers. This system met the requirements exactly and was extremely simple to use. 

Guernsey Freight would then continue to use Sage 50 Accounts in the normal way to process payments etc against the S/L accounts. 

On-Going Support

Powersoft are supporting the system going forward which includes free upgrades to match new versions of Sage 50 as and when they are release. This ensures the investment in software is secure for the future.